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  • Mark Williams and Cristina Antelo join FOX 5 DC
    August 4th, 2023

    Ferox Strategies Principals Cristina Antelo and Mark Williams joined Jeannette Reyes on FOX 5 DC to discuss political fallout from President Trump’s third indictment. Williams drew attention to the Republican strategy of “beating the drums that there are two systems of justice,” one for Democrats and one for Republicans. Meanwhile, Antelo commented on that argument, ...

  • Monday Morning Quarterbacks Student loans,Military AI|Fox 5
    July 20th, 2023

    Ferox Strategies Principals Cristina Antelo and Mark Williams joined Jeannette Reyes for the Monday Morning Quarterbacks Panel on FOX 5 DC. Williams drew attention to the future and importance of AI in the military and shared that AI, fentanyl, and China are three hot topic issues that ...

  • Mark Williams
    July 17th, 2023

    Ferox Principal Mark Williams shared his expert insight in a Bloomberg Law article by Kate Ackley titled “House GOP’s Coalition Outreach Invigorated by Humor, Hot Sauce.” “It’s more important than ever to get all Republicans, all sides of the conference, from downtown to conservative think tanks on the ...

  • Bloomberg Government Ferox Strategies 4 years
    June 13th, 2023

    For the 4th year in a row, Ferox Strategies has been named a Bloomberg Government Top-Performing Lobbying Firm! Ferox was also designated as a Standout Firm for 2022, showing revenue-per-lobbyist figures of over $550,000 and having retained more than 80% of its clients from 2021. Top-performing firms report ...

  • Mark Williams joins FOX 5 DC: Inflation, Trump indictment
    June 13th, 2023

    Ferox Strategies Principal Mark Williams joined Jeannette Reyes and Democratic strategist Rich Nichols for the Monday Morning Quarterbacks Panel on FOX 5 DC. Williams discussed what to expect from the recent federal indictment against former President Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve’s June meeting. “Some of the ...

  • Mark Williams
    June 12th, 2023

    Principal Mark Williams shared his expert outlook in a Bloomberg Government article by Kate Ackley article titled "Business’ High Hopes for Hill Action Hinge on GOP Healing Rift." Lobbyists said they’re bracing for unease as House GOP leaders point fingers at each other, but they’re still looking for workarounds for clients. "I absolutely ...

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