Federal Government Relations

In a dynamic political landscape laden with complex legislative processes, tight budgets, and shifting regulations, Ferox provides clarity, agility, and impact.

Ferox’s team has deep political expertise, tireless commitment, and a proven track record of imaginative strategies that have translated into client wins. Our client experience ranges from international Fortune 500 companies to small businesses with a local footprint and a need to shape policymaker decisions. Our team provides imaginative and strategic political, legislative, and regulatory counsel on a wide range of federal issues including tax, healthcare, border security and immigration, labor and employment, and nutrition and wellness issues—for clients big and small.


State & Local Relations

State laws and regulations, as well as local politics, can present unique hurdles for companies of all sizes across all industries.

Our state and local capabilities include building custom state strategies and mobilizing state and local support for our clients’ interests. In addition, we design campaigns to educate state lawmakers and regulators on clients’ issues, perform issue monitoring, gather political intelligence, conduct political and legislative analysis, and more.


Coalition Building and Management

Ferox has an impressive record of building coalitions that have greater influence over Congressional members and federal agencies

The Ferox team builds influential coalitions that advance our clients’ legislative, regulatory, and policy goals. Drawing on our deep relationships with a wide range of associations and businesses, Ferox is well-positioned to recruit diverse organizations to advance clients’ issues. We assist prominent businesses, trade associations, and membership-based organizations to amplify their professional reputations and become recognized leaders in their industries. We also advise clients on how to best advance their interests as coalition participants, organizers or managers. building coalitions that have greater influence over congressional members and federal agencies, as well as state and local governments.


Third Party Engagement

Ferox understands the important role third party groups and NGOs command in bolstering clients’ messages to achieve their goals.

Ferox helps clients identify the right third parties and determine the best approach to organically engage them. We have long-standing relationships and meaningful experience in galvanizing activists and advocates from communities, nonprofits, private foundations, associations, and businesses to support client positions.


Reaching a Diverse Congress

Congress' "old boys club" is changing - is your business ready?.

As a Latina-founded firm, Ferox brings unrivaled relationships, expertise, and experience with diversity-focused members of Congress and allies. Not only is the new Congress more diverse on the whole, members from diverse background are reaching new heights of influence and ascending to top leadership positions. Shifting congressional demographics present a critical opportunity for businesses and non-profits to form alliances and highlight accomplishments before a growing bloc of leaders.


Additional Services