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  • Mark Williams
    June 4th, 2023

    Ferox Principal Mark Williams was mentioned in a recent Bloomberg Tax news article titled “Salt Cap Tweak, Child Tax Credit in the Mix GOP Tax Package.” “Mark Williams, a former GOP staffer and lobbyist at Ferox Strategies, said he expects the policies Smith will push in the legislation will reflect the topics ...

  • Debra Dixon
    May 17th, 2023

    Ferox Principal Debra Dixon was mentioned in a recent The Hill news article titled "Pause on student loan payments about to end for millions." “Restarting loan payments now that the emergency period related to the pandemic has officially ended would be consistent with other actions the Biden administration has taken recently, even ...

  • James Fitzella
    April 17th, 2023

    Ferox Strategies is proud to announce that James Fitzella is joining the team as a Government Affairs Director, leading efforts on several of the firm’s clients, including those in the Homeland Security and Retail spaces, and on the Republican side of the aisle. Throughout his career, James has ...

  • Ferox Strategies 2022 Election Recap
    November 30th, 2022

    Ferox Strategies 2022 Election Recap Senior Democratic Strategist Ferox Strategies Summary of the 2022 Midterm Elections This year is coming to a swift close, but our work is far from over. As the 118th Congress comes together, our dedicated team at Ferox Strategies ...

  • Cristina BBC 4-29-21
    October 31st, 2022

    BBC News- Ferox Strategies - April 29, 2021 Ferox Strategies Principal Cristina Antelo joined BBC News host Matthew Amroliwala and Republican Strategist Deana Bass Williams to break down President Biden's spending plans that aim to reshape the US economy and society. Antelo spoke on the fate ...

  • Santiago Rico Vaca
    July 12th, 2022

    Ferox Strategies is proud to announce that Santiago ‘Rico’ Vaca is joining the team as a Strategic Advisor where he works on appropriations, defense matters and budgets, and national security concerns. Rico, who holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from the United States Air Force ...

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