Hustle Is Our Strategy

About Ferox Strategies

Award Winning

We are redefining political lobbying

Ferox is a small but savvy firm boasting a record of success across policy areas and serving clients ranging from non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 companies. A leading firm recognized by Bloomberg Government for four consecutive years, Ferox enjoys unrivaled relationships with policymakers and thought leaders inside the Beltway and beyond. Our expertise and relationships ensure we are well-suited to navigate Washington’s diverse public policy community on behalf of our clients, delivering big-firm results with the hustle and innovation of a start-up.

Ferox is highly competent in the world of policy and politics. The firm is well-connected in Congress and across the administration, including political appointees and career professionals. Ferox prides itself on its bipartisanship, which is engrained into the firm’s culture. Ferox’s tight-knit team values constructive critiques and open conversation where all opinions are welcome and heard.

Capitol Hill

Founded in 2018, Ferox has grown exponentially, boasting a diversity of career and educational experiences, including long-time Hill staffers, lawyers, Masters- and college-trained professionals, and financial experts encompassing early, mid, and established career stages.

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