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Third Party Engagement

Federal Engagement
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Our team is skilled at creating an echo chamber for ideas throughout the Beltway and beyond. We empower clients to bring communities and local influencers together to create successful client-driven outcomes.

Third party groups can be leveraged to reinforce messages, build relationships with like-minded influencers, and achieve policy goals. Ferox helps clients identify valuable third parties and determine the best approach to engage them.

We map out stakeholders, conduct extensive bipartisan research, and devise calculated solutions to build support and trust. From there, we develop compelling messaging plans, create issue campaigns, engage media sources, and form impactful public-private partnerships.

Ferox Offers Access To:
  • Businesses and business groups
  • Civic engagement organizations
  • Elected officials at the state, local, and federal levels
  • Education groups
  • Health groups
  • Labor groups
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Trade associations, and more