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Ferox: Latin for courageous, fierce, aggressive, predecessor of “ferocious.”

Ferox is what you need on your side: always ready for battle and to fight for you, and never quitting until the job is done and you are satisfied.

At Ferox Strategies, our team of accomplished government and public relations professionals live these values in our work each day.

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Ferox is a team of experts and advocates that work smart AND hard for their clients.

We make our own good luck by designing integrated, multi-pronged strategies to maximize our chances of success, then dedicating ourselves to making those plans reality.

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Last Thursday, Ferox hosted a Recovery Brunch at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. Ferox was accompanied by Friends of Ferox from Diageo, Waste Management, and EMD Group. 
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Ferox mourns the passing of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a visionary lawmaker who dedicated her life to the public, serving 29 years in the U.S. House of Representatives for her constituents in Texas. We celebrate her advocacy and unwavering commitment to her constituents, state, and nation.
Today’s #FeroxForecast highlights several notable primary elections throughout this election cycle, including redistricting battles, incumbent defeats, and the most expensive House primary in history.

Stay tuned for more insights from our 70+ slide election outlook slide deck throughout this election cycle!

#primary #electiondefeats #redistricting #2024elections
Ferox Principal @markrwill was featured in a @bloomberg.government article, "Republicans Descend on Revitalized Convention After Trump Shot." 

"GOP lobbyist Mark Williams, whose firm Ferox Strategies is hosting a brunch in Milwaukee this week, said he expected increased security around the convention but didn’t believe it would deter an uptick in interest among corporate denizens and Hill staffers. Williams said he’s seen 'enthusiasm build for Milwaukee and more and more events.'"

Check out the full article here:
Today's #FeroxFinding examines the mechanics of a contested nominating convention amid heightened chatter about whether President Biden will stay in the race against former President Trump following their debate.

Swipe ⬅️ for insights into the history behind contested conventions and answers to emerging questions as we approach this year's Democratic National Convention.

#ContestedConvention #DNC #delegates #2024elections #Hustle
Last week, Ferox Principal @markrwill joined @emmarechenberg on @newsmax's National Report to discuss the prospect of Vice President Kamala Harris potentially replacing President Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee. Williams explained that some Democrats and the media have turned against Biden following his performance at the presidential debate. He gauged that Harris may soon replace the president as the nominee, but this potential also comes with its own challenges that Democrats will need to face. 

Check out the full segment here:

#Hustle #FriendsofFerox #LastStraw #BidenReplacement