Ivelisse Porroa
Ferox Lands Former CHC Policy Director, Ivelisse Porroa-García, as Newest Lobbyist to Growing Ranks
October 3, 2021
Bloomberg Government
Ferox Strategies Named a Top-Performing Lobbying Firm of 2021
May 16, 2022

Work Hard, Be Nice: Lessons on valuable mentorships

Mark Williams


Your Good News Podcast with Katherine Getty

Welcome back to another episode of the Your Good News Podcast!

On this week's episode, Katherine is joined by Mark Williams, a seasoned, dynamic, and high-energy government affairs professional.

As we continue on mentorship month, Mark offers up his mantra of "work hard, be nice." He explains how this has been a north star for his career and personal life. We discuss the importance of not being rigid in plans - allowing yourself to explore interests and not get stuck on one exact path. We also discuss motion over momentum - how actions can cause activity but not be pulling you forward.


  • [1:30] Mark's good news.
  • [3:27] Mark's background and how he got into politics.
  • [7:18] How did you find mentorship in DC?
  • [9:42] Have you received advice that you weren't so sure about?
  • [12:48] Dealing with a dissatisfying job.
  • [17:12] How do you continue to show up authentically?
  • [20:21] What has been your "north star?"

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