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November 5, 2020
Kamal Patel
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January 4, 2021

Cristina Antelo Nominated as TheBoardIQ Hall of Fame LatineX | Hispanic Top 100 Honorees

Cristina Antelo, Esq

Ferox Principal

Senior Democratic Strategist

Congratulations Cristina Antelo for being nominated as the Hall of Fame LatinX | Hispanic Top 100 Honorees!

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This is the first ever curated list of stellar LatinX | Hispanics with Storied Successes. Here's why -
  • a whopping 56% of the Top 100 Honorees are Female
  • 7% of the Top 100 Honorees are LGBTQ+ (Self Declared)
  • Additional Inclusion Slates include Veterans | Trans | Country of Origin | Multi-generational | Role | Domain Representation
  • Though Latino Representation in US Population stands at 18%, here are a few startling statistics:
    • % Representation on Russell 3000 Public Boards is at 2.2%
    • Fortune 1000 companies that do not have a Latino on their Board is at 76.8%
    • 571 of 662 California Public Boards (87%) have no Latino Representation.
Criteria for selection
The list was based out of deep research highlighting individuals and executives who exemplified the following credentials:
  • Stellar track record in running large, medium, small enterprises in Corporate America
  • Innovation - demonstrated ability in bringing new ideas, technology, products and platforms to market - with business success
  • Corporate Reputation - Internal and External recognition for impeccable Corporate Reputation
  • Proven Excellence in their fields of specialization - Industry recognition for being subject matter experts in their fields of specialization