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December 10, 2018
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December 12, 2018

Capabilities: Reaching a Diverse Congress

Cristina Antelo, Esq

Ferox Principal

Senior Democratic Strategist

The New Majority

2016 gave us a historically diverse Congress. 2044 will completely change the face of America. Are you ready?

The same election that landed Donald Trump in the White House also elected the most diverse Congress in history. This isn’t only a trend in Congress. Members of ethnic and racial minority groups will become the majority of Americans, or the “New Majority,” by 2044. At Ferox Strategies, we know that the demographic makeup of voters in the United States is rapidly changing and with it, so is the government and its policies. That’s why we value our close relationships with Members of Congress and allies that represent and prioritize diversity.

Our country saw a dramatic shift in representation in Congress in the 2016 elections, with a record 48 African Americans, 46 Hispanics, 18 Asian American and Pacific Islanders, and 2 Native Americans in both chambers. Not only is this a significant step for voters seeking elected officials who look and think like them, but also has great implications for how businesses and non-profits interact with the government and communities of color.

Over the last 15 years, Ferox founder Cristina Antelo has become an expert in diversity-focused outreach, including stakeholder mapping, message development, grassroots and Capitol Hill advocacy, thought leadership, and recruiting third-party allies and validators. Cristina has also stepped into various leadership roles where she can continue to pave the way for a more diverse government. She is the Vice Chair of the CHC’s non-profit arm, is a member of the 2044 Council, and is a member of both the CBC and CHC PACs, allowing her to build close relationships with congressional leadership, leaders and members of the Tri-Caucus, as well as Republican and private sector diversity-focused groups.

In this update, the Ferox team talks about our increasingly diverse political space and the challenges ahead. What will Congress look like in 30 years? How does diversity on the Hill affect policy? How are Republicans and Democrats embracing the changing face of America? Read more in our latest update!

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