Infrastructure: Hope or Hype?
December 9, 2018
Ferox Strategies
Capabilities: Reaching a Diverse Congress
December 11, 2018

Taking Your Message to Washington

Cristina Antelo, Esq

Ferox Principal

Senior Democratic Strategist

We at Ferox Strategies have been inspired by the MSD students and organizers of the National School Walk-Out and the March of Our Lives, scheduled to take place in Washington DC on March 24th, who are engaging and participating in the Democratic process and demanding change. Ferox Strategies founder Cristina Antelo, ESQ wanted to pitch in and decided to offer these young activists tips on lobbying Congress for solutions to gun violence while they are in Washington in the attached video.

These tips include:
  • Thoughts on who to lobby: beyond just the Florida delegation, advocacy should be targeted at leadership and the committees of jurisdiction in the both the House and Senate, and let's not forget the Department of Justice;
  • How to request a meeting on Capitol Hill - how to find contact info, who to target in each office, and how to follow up;
  • How to use your day efficiently - breaking up into teams, scheduling meetings in close proximity to each other, and coordinating your asks;
  • How to amplify your message: both on social media and in coordinated demonstrations on the Hill and at other agency headquarters.