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December 5, 2018
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December 7, 2018

Ferox Strategies and CT Strategies return with August Homeland Security Budget Update

Lucia Alonzo

Chief of Staff

Expert in appropriations, homeland security, transportation

Ferox Strategies Chief of Staff Lucia Alonzo and the homeland security experts at CT Strategies are back with a new client update on the latest in border and homeland security appropriations!

August is a quiet month in Washington, but a showdown storm brews as Congress barrels toward their federal funding deadline on September 30. To avoid a federal shutdown that Republicans fear could kill their chances in the critical November 6 midterm elections, GOP congressional leaders have crafted a tentative plan to extend current funding levels for homeland and border security priorities until after the election.

The GOP's plan to avoid a shutdown has a big potential obstacle in President Trump, who has insisted he could trigger a shutdown by blocking any funding bill that doesn't meet his immigration and border priorities. Making matters worse for his allies, President Trump has often changed or contradicted his own priorities for immigration and border policy and funding. Just this summer, Trump ballooned his own request for "border wall" from $1.6 billion as his White House requested to a whopping $5 billion in a single conversation this summer, forcing appropriators to scramble to revise their funding bills.

Republicans have worked hard to play ball with President Trump's shifting requirements, but they must also contend with the hard realities that they must gather bipartisan support from Democrats and moderate Republicans to get a funding law through Congress. Democrats sharply oppose, and moderate Republicans question the need for, President Trump's promised solid concrete border wall, expanded spending on immigration detention facilities, and hiring sprees in immigration enforcement and the border patrol, so these ideas are not fully funded to Trump's specifications in their draft bills. Will President Trump notice the switch, and block a future funding agreement, over the differences? Only time will tell.

Also in this month's Budget Update: how would a continuing resolution (funding extension) or a federal shutdown affect DHS and its contractors? Click through to read the full report!

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