March Homeland Security Budget Update
January 4, 2018
May Homeland Security Budget Update
December 1, 2018

Ferox Strategies and CT Strategies return with April Homeland Security Budget Update

Lucia Alonzo

Chief of Staff

Expert in appropriations, homeland security, transportation

Border security and immigration enforcement remain hot topic on Capitol Hill as Republicans stare down a tough midterm election in November. Members of both parties are jockeying to appeal to their voting base in all policy debates, including appropriations. In this new homeland security Budget Update from Ferox Strategies Chief of Staff Lucia Alonzo and CT Strategies, our expert team offers the latest on the FY 2019 appropriations cycle, including:

- President Trump's rescission plan: Can he really strip $30-60 billion from federal spending?
- How will new leaders on the Senate Appropriations Committee change the appropriations process?
- What did we learn from Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and other DHS leaders as they testified before House appropriators in April?
- Can Congress fund the government in this hyperpartisan pre-election environment?

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